Plan Design

Our advanced planning team maintains a broad knowledge of the life insurance product landscape. Our planning specialists work closely in collaboration with our insurance advisors to identify and implement sophisticated insurance-based estate, business, charitable and retirement planning concepts and strategies. Using innovative and customized analytics, we believe it is important to ensure that every case designed is constructed with the client’s best interest in mind. 

Underwriting Advocacy

Underwriting is the critical component on how cases are priced. Our large footprint offers us the ability to negotiate with carriers and we are committed to consult with experts on behalf of our clients. Additionally, our expertise in underwriting allows us to look at each client’s health and financial situation individually to get the best rating possible. The impact of underwriting advocacy can include:

  • Waiving of requirements deemed unnecessary
  • Extending the maturity on a policy by getting the underwriting to fit with the product
  • Strategic timing on large cases
  • A change in the rating from decline to standard and standard to preferred
  • Maximizing capacity to ensure the needed coverage is obtained
  • Access to the most senior underwriting staff at insurance carriers

Client Service

We have a robust service platform that allows us to maintain and service clients and advisors post sale. Based on a client’s situation we will review inforce illustrations on an annual basis to help ensure that their policies are performing as expected.